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Super Special
Ready for something BIG?
Relinquish Limitation & Distraction!

This Four class series that will ROCK YOUR world!

Imagine feeling a new lease on life!
ReAligning with your purpose for being here on Mother Earth!

Go now and read some of the shares from attendee's.

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Are you ready to feel Happy?
What’s stopping that energy from filling
your being right now?


What’s holding you back from your true Happiness?
Perhaps some old sadness or grief?

Discover if you have a Gatekeeper or Belief Keepers
holding your HAPPINESS hostage.

Do your Ancestors hold a key to your happiness or unhappiness?

During this near 90 minute live call we dove deep into old energies that may be blocking
or holding you back from your true self, your light, your life and your happiness!

We start with bringing in the light of illumination to gain clarity of
where this energy is holding you from your happiness.

 We then release Gatekeepers, Ancestor energies are cleared
360 degrees to support your whole family.

Belief Keepers – share the belief it is holding
onto – once cleared, what potential doors will open for you?

Creation of a new neural pathway for happiness.
process anchors the energy of happiness
deeper and deeper.


Clear a family secret that is holding your happiness hostage!

Final exercise we install a cord of Happiness energy to
support your daily life!

This tool will help you on a daily basis each time your strum it!

Replay of this deep healing call

Special price of only $49.95  for a limited time.
Value $99.00

Please share your transformations below in the comment box!


Shares from the call…

Gatekeepers gone!    I feel so much lighter!

Grandfather gave me a “Salute” 

 Great Grandma expresses her appreciation for clearing this family pattern.

A RUSH of energy cam over me! Message  BE PEACE, BE HAPPY

Grandmother expresses her gratitude – enough that she had the listener push
the buttons
to share her gratitude!

I am excited to be of assistance to you.  It’s my heart desire is to share the
love and light
of the Divine with as many hearts as I can. 

Love & Blessings
DaKara Kies



5 Responses to Happy YOU!

  • Thank you Jessica! What a beautiful share!
    So happy to hear your dad benefited from the class as well!


  • P.S.

    As in my previous post:

    “With your processes that extend what is needed for healing to the ancestors, my dad has even been commenting he sleeps better than ever before and he has not even had a session with you!”

    Also speaks to the Power and Light of all you do! Thanks Again Dakara

  • Dakara-

    Your Be Happy Session was truly life enhancing live and it remains so on the audio. Thank you very much for the increased levels of Happiness and Peace I am now experiencing on an even deeper level than before as a result of the Be Happy session. Thank you for the depth of healing this session extended to my ancestors and beyond! What is so great about the processes you utilize in the Be Happy session and all the sessions I have listened to is that the blessings, joy and feeling more in resonance with my authentic self unfolds more and more each day in very comfortable, yet miraculous ways. With your processes that extend what is needed for healing to my ancestors, my dad has even been commenting he sleeps better than ever before and he has not even had a session with you! This shows how truly interconnected the ancestors are to not just to me, but to my immediate family members as well – Amazing.

    Thank You for your generosity in gifting the Be Happy session & Thank You for making it available to and affordable for just about everyone after it was over! May the Happiness continue to Expand!

  • Catherine… wonderful to hear the class assisted you on a physical level too!

  • I wish I remembered yesterday to listen live. I was so sick I slept most of the day. I’m having breathing issues and other illnesses.
    Today I felt a little better but after listening and applying the meditations I could breathe again and got some energy back!!
    Thank you DaKara!!

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