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Ready for something BIG?
Relinquish Limitation & Distraction!

This Four class series that will ROCK YOUR world!

Imagine feeling a new lease on life!
ReAligning with your purpose for being here on Mother Earth!

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Radio Show Archives

Just Energy Radio

DaKara Kies joins Dr. Rita Louise on

Just Energy Radio where they discuss
what stops us and keeps us from living
the life we truly desire.
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Archives of Just Energy
This page has all my interviews with Dr Rita


March 2014

Perfect World Network, Women in the Morning,
on the show, Think About It


April 2014

Resurrect Your Inner You with Dakara Kies and Lordiel


Para-X Radio
Metaphysically Speaking

 Hosted by Ladean Snodgrass

 Listen to the show now!


Charlotte View Radio

Charlotte View Internet Radio & TV

Live Friday October 19, 2012
9:00 am PDT

go here to listen in


August 2012
Real Riches Radio with Tanna Corona
Energy Healing shared on this recording!



Share from listeners

I listened to an old show you did with Eram about Feng Shui and when you did the
exercise for the throat chakra my tongue and throat tingled strongly.  I then was transported
back to ancient China where I was an emperor and my gate keepers were literally my army
that was assigned to protect me from assassination because of the reforms I was trying to initiate.
In my family I was shamed for telling the truth and being psychic, and one joke was how I
told everyone Darth Vader was Luke’s real father before they saw the film. Again, shamed for
knowing  things before hand and telling. I have had an uneasy relationship with my gift ever since.
As another psychic told me once, they ignore what you warn or blame you when it comes to pass.
I then remembered that my father in China was not the king, my mother had lied about that,
and I never had a queen because I did not trust women because of my mother. And my real father
was always trying to usurp me. My own siblings joined my mother in trying to kill me. More than
one attempt had been tried.I trusted no one.
Then or now and no wonder I did not want anyone to get too close.
WOW Dakara what a burden was released.  The truth about my father was a shame I carried
for many many years and my current family even picked up on it and the symbol was the Star
Wars secret I told.
You are amazing. Every time I do a journey with you I get a new past life memory. Over a decade
ago I got a message from my ancestors to learn Feng Shui and now I know why.
To break that ancestral cord.

Deb, You are doing GODS work.

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