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Super Special
Ready for something BIG?
Relinquish Limitation & Distraction!

This Four class series that will ROCK YOUR world!

Imagine feeling a new lease on life!
ReAligning with your purpose for being here on Mother Earth!

Go now and read some of the shares from attendee's.

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Relinquish the energies of
Limitation & Distraction

Clearing limitation and distraction from multiple area’s of your life!

Journey through the Chakra’s  
Relinquishing, Releasing and Clearing
Implants, Distracter Devices, Gatekeepers, Obstacles

Healing and releasing
Ancestral bonds and vows

I am not big on writing or reading long sales script.
Heck I find that I never read it all on other pages.  

Here’s the meat and juicy delicious parts!

Relinquish & Allow your Divine
Radiance to shine forth in
ways it never has before!

I am amazed at what comes up for me even after doing
energy work for 20 plus years!

Do you have a Distracter device or implant?

OR….  this just in… a Portal Keeper?
Who is standing in the way of your RADIANCE?

Do you feel all limitations have been removed from your energy
field and you are in the constant energy of flow and grace?
if you answered yes!  YEAH! You may find this is not the
class for you. If you answered NO, then this is the class for you.

What ancestral bonds and vows are holding you back?
What Gatekeepers are still lurking around thinking they
need to protect you.
Protection is the number one reason I have found for Gatekeepers
“reasons” for being in place.
They feel they are protecting us from “something”
 Enough already!  


It is TIME for us to STAND in our authority,
Command what is ours by
Divine right and rock the house!
See below for attendee shares….

In class 1 we’ll covered
Relinquishing Limitation in a past life
Released the Gatekeeper in that past life.
Extracted Distraction Devices in the vortex
Shifted Portal Keeper to a Portal Master

In class 2 we’ll covered
Relinquishing Limitation & Distraciton
Implants in our Ancestral line.
and much more!

In class 3 we’ll covered
Soul Mastery Meditation
Finding where limitation was living in your life.
Cleared where the cells anchored in the BELIEF of limitation
Cleared the energy of limitation in relationships
Stepped into the matrix and commanded alignment.

In class 4 we’ll covered
Clearing the energies of limitation and distraction from Future lives.
Activating a vortex of energy to clear implants and
devices from the future lives.
Journey through the Chakra’s to clear gatekeepers and the
energy of limitation & distraction around MONEY!
Release technique to get out of your head and LET IT GO!
Created an energy package to magnetize money and wealth
into your brain.  Activated by the Goddess Lakshmi

You will know in your heart if these group sessions will bless you,
support your well being, propel you forward into the new Earth energies
that are emerging now!

Only $149.99 for over 6 hours of deep healing and Relinquishing work!
Value $300.00  50% Savings if you buy today!


Here’s what attendee’s are sharing!

Hi Dakara,

I think my Higher Self and guides are in sink with yours Ha Ha – All are One concept –
I read the case study on the link you provided and significant aspects of it resonated
with me.  Funny, this morning I woke up with a crick in my neck and I was thinking to
Higher Self and the Angels if they could energetically heal it so I would not have to pa
y for the chiropractor.  After reading your email, I repeated the 1st  Releasing Limitation
& Distraction recording from that series and set the intention to Archangel Michael and
the appropriate guides to assist in whichever ways I would most benefit in regards t
o transmuting or relinquishing what came up for me after reading the case study even
if I did not consciously know what was exactly what was happening….
Let’s just say, I do not need to go to the chiropractor anymore!  Saving me time,
dinero and allowing me to feel great physically in my neck Now!  Pretty Awesome –
What is more Awesome is that the more I see my faith and trust expanding, which
includes being okay with not knowing every non-physical thing, the more I realize
I am allowing deeper and deeper clearings to take place, thus deepening my
connection to Spirit and what Spirit can orchestrate through and to my life.
With this said, I understand more and more what you mean when you do not
have to know or see all non-physical is doing, this also has resulted in me knowing
and intuitively seeing more in this letting go of caring if I can see or know more.. Ha Ha
Thank You – Thank You – Thank You !  & Thanks to JD for sharing her experience.
Jessica – Birmingham, AL

Hi Dakara,

“Since you asked us to share some of our experiences since beginning the
work in this class, I thought I’d take a moment to share some of what has opened
up for me.  This is of an exceptionally personally nature, so I will have to go for a
kind of vague summary of my experience.  I think in the past I was always the
sort of person who was very sure of what she was doing with her life and WHY.
I had a lot of conviction to follow my dreams, a clear plan for what those dreams
were and how I was going to reach them, but in the past few years, I’ve really
lost my way.  I reached some of my goals and didn’t know what I wanted on the
other side of them, and determined that others of my goals were not things I really
wanted after all.  I lost my connection to purpose, and I lost sight of my joy.
I knew that my path of the past (that was so right then) was not my path of the
future, but I just had no idea how to get myself back on track, or even what that
track should be.  I was in a state of intense soul searching and very much disoriented
and feeling lost in the darkness.  This was one of the major distractions and limitations
I wanted to work through for myself–whatever was keeping me from finding my path.

Since our second class, it’s like the light has come on.  I remember–at least in
essence–what my path is, why I want that, and I realized why what I have
been doing is not working for me, and better understanding how to take what I
have to get to somewhere I want to be.  I have regained, reinvented rather, my
purpose.  I have a changed outlook and a direction to move forward again.  I am so
grateful that you gave us this opportunity for healing.  It is just want I was
needing at just the right moment. I had tried to fit myself into a box, but I realized,
that’s just not the right way for me. I  have an unconventional personality;
no conventional road will ever take me to a place of joy.  Accepting and realizing
that has empowered me.  I feel like I reawakened to myself.   I can hardly wait to
see what else is cleared and opened in the last 2 sessions.”

Joy and Light,



Hi Dakara,
I want to thank you for the great work; either I have a private session or a
group class, the shifts are great. After 3 private sessions and 1 tele class, I
could say in honesty, that I have moved from being stuck in fear, worry, doubts,
despair, in all areas of my life, into more confidence and appreciation for myself
and my life, and a more loving, harmonious relationship with my husband.

I’m very grateful for finding you.
Please keep sharing your gifts with the world.

Love, Monica

Thank you Monica for sharing your heart!


Great class! I think this last one was especially powerful. :) Namaste!



Thank you for sharing your gifts and helping me to learn and grow. You are awesome.




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