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Super Special
Ready for something BIG?
Relinquish Limitation & Distraction!

This Four class series that will ROCK YOUR world!

Imagine feeling a new lease on life!
ReAligning with your purpose for being here on Mother Earth!

Go now and read some of the shares from attendee's.

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Relinquish ~ Re-Align & Receive!

(YOUR Hearts Desire)

During these two – two hour class we will dive deeper into
releasing the energie
s that are holding you back.

What are you struggling with?
You will be lead through several process to discover what
is interfering with your life force and energy.

We will cancel contracts with other aspects of the energy of Struggle!
Are you Struggling with money?
Struggling to find the ideal job?
Struggling in your relationships?

When the old contracts and agreements are cleared from your
energy field, you can more freely step forward and live Your life
on purpose, with passion.

Are there other contract with Struggle? Most likely!
Lets cancel those contracts, vows or agreements!

Once we release and relinquish the energies holding you back,
you will then be open to receive all that is yours by Divine right!

Life is a journey – isn’t time to live with ease and grace?

Once those are released you can step into your life
in a more powerful way!
Be open to receive your good!
So that you can reach out to others if that is your calling?

So that you can be more present in your relationships, at home, work, family!
So that you can be the YOU, you are intended to BE!
So you can be in the energy of JOY!

What if the energy of struggle was no longer a part of your life?
What would your life be like, look like, feel like?


Here is what some attendee’s shared
right after the call…

Dear Dakara:
Thank you for the fabulous teleclass tonight.

As you know, I have been working on Relinquishing Struggle for the past
couple of weeks and have had tremendous healing – thanks to you ….
so you can bet that I was shocked to have such a big issue come up for
me tonight around procrastination and a sabatour.

I want to thank you so much for offering this class and for your love and support.

I loved the meditation to release my contract and cording around struggle!
Who knew this was such a deeply rooted issue. Thank you for using your
Spiritual Authority to send all this packing for me!

I will be highly recommending this class to everyone I know.

Thank you – you are simply the BEST!”
Alberta, Canada


Dear Dakara,

I am so glad that I took your Relinquish, ReAlign and Receive
teleclass. Since the class, I have let go of many old ways of being
that were no longer serving me. This experience is creating an
opening for some fantastic energy that is coming into my being!
I have shifted my vibration in a way that is increasing the magic
in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stacey Witt


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