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Super Special
Ready for something BIG?
Relinquish Limitation & Distraction!

This Four class series that will ROCK YOUR world!

Imagine feeling a new lease on life!
ReAligning with your purpose for being here on Mother Earth!

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 Relinquish Deprivation

Could this low down energy be behind
what is holding you back?
I say YES!

Did you enjoy Relinquishing the
energy of Failure? If yes…
you will love this 2 hour class!


2 – 2 hour class –
Come to both and take the work deeper
for yourself!
Divine Mother says this is the biggest yet
most hidden pattern of all!
Thank you to Rebecca Marina for bringing
this wisdom forth!

This pattern can cause you to feel:

Forgotten, not acknowledged
Left Out
Not Good Enough

This pattern can rob you of:

Clear Vision
(your vision can never be truly clear as long as
you have this pattern because all you can see
is your ‘lack’)

(this pattern can blind you to opportunities)

(this pattern can block you ability to receive.)

Money – did we say money?
(this pattern can cause you to send out negative vibes to those
who could bring you more income)

Soul Mate Relationships
(This pattern can cause you to be a turn-off to a potential soul love)

(this pattern can make you feel inferior and rejected)

We will clear the pattern of Deprivation
on several levels:
Past Life
Are you ready to Receive?

DaKara the Queen of Receiving is ready to
assist you in claiming what is yours by
Divine Right!

What do you need to relinquish to be in
the space of Receiving?
Is the energy of Deprivation playing itself
out in your life?
This pattern is dangerous to Light workers!
I am so Grateful to Rebecca Marina and
Mother Azna for bringing forth this
wisdom and healing.
The time is now on the planet. We need more
light workers spreading the light!

How does this DEPRIVATION pattern manifest?

No matter what you get – you feel it could have
been a little better

No matter how many spiritual gifts you develop,
you think they
do not compare to the gifts of others

When something good happens to you – you feel
it could have
been better if only…

When something good happens to someone else
– you may feel
happy for them on the surface but
feel you didn’t get your fair

Bottom line – this pattern leaves you feeling not
quite enough, not good enough, not truly fulfilled.

So many feelings and emotions are invoked once this
energy pattern comes into play! Feeling awful because part
of you is saying how happy this should feel and the sabotaging
part is telling you, “its not enough”

Then self judgment kicks in and on and on and on…
It’s almost impossible to manifest when you are in
this failure pattern.


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