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Super Special
Ready for something BIG?
Relinquish Limitation & Distraction!

This Four class series that will ROCK YOUR world!

Imagine feeling a new lease on life!
ReAligning with your purpose for being here on Mother Earth!

Go now and read some of the shares from attendee's.

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Relinquish Limitation

Discover more of your radiance by
Relinquishing Limitation!
Listen now!  NO sign up… My gift to you!
Value $49.99


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work MUCH deeper!

Relinquishing Limitation & Distraction


Assisting you to propel forward on your path…

Big change is a foot on the planet.
Now is the time to relinquish
the energies that are holding you back.

Discover just how bright your light can shine
when limiting energy is released!

When I tuned into what Mother Mata  shared about
this class
I found it interesting to find a part of myself
that wanted to play
small as it was “safer”.
After bringing in the light for healing
and giving that
part of myself what it needed I could see the
trove of good, excellence, wisdom and divine inspiration

that is here already waiting for me!
How does it get any better than that?

Cost – $0.00 zip, zilch. Value $49.99
It is my heart felt wish for you to Grow & Glow!

Go here for more on Relinquishing Limitation &
Distraction Implants & Devices!


What others are saying about the class….

“I listened to the free class last night. I was chosen to participate and
I have found the energies continue after the class was over.
I have experienced continued improvement today.
Thanks DaKara!”

Barbara M. Seattle WA

“Great class last night, Dakara!”
Becky Dorn, HPT Master

“Hi Dakara! I listened to the recording of the Releasing Limitation session,
last night. It was great, very powerful! I enjoyed it much and feel very
positive today! I frequently have a lot of body pain so it was very interesting
to look at that. My recent lower back pain seemed to be directly connected.
When I did the handwriting exercise, I had a strong response. I clearly heard
my childself voice say “mommy?” Followed by a strong mothervoice that
said “I am your mother” sternly but with love! Then when I asked the question
of what the benefit was, my motherself said “its not safe to venture out!
We will be safe if we don’t attract attention!”. My recording froze up at that point
so I asked my guides and Masters to continue to work with me even
while I slept. Woke up feeling more optimistic today. Thanks so much for
sharing this session with me, I really enjoyed your voice and chanting too!”
Love, Sharon

Hi Dakara,
I just wanted to tell you that I thought your telecalss was awesome!
You are truly a gifted healer.

Thanks so much for sharing, much love.




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